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December 4, 2017

To the Editor:

In the interests of truth  (as defined by the Bible) and as a solitary voice in an age of diversity and inclusion I say this with humility as one who was lost and blind and compassion for the eternal destiny of your readers…….. Christianity is exclusive. If you read the Bible (Gods authoritative word), it says that there is no other way to be reconciled to God, except through Jesus Christ (Acts 4:12). So if you believe in God then he (Jesus) is the only way to eternal life. If no belief in God, the bible says you are separated from him and deserve his wrath because you deny the truth of Creation and are therefore accountable (Romans 1:18-20). If you serve (believe) in a different God or belief system, philosophy or person, then you have broken his law and as a sinner are now separated from him forever (Exodus 20:3,4).  If you are just a really, really good person and think God will count that as saving (Isaiah 64:6)……the bible says that we are made right before God by Faith in Him through his grace of forgiveness offered in Jesus death and resurrection (Ephesians 2:8,9).  So………….sorry, God, in his word declares exclusivity, and the world hates that. One is truth, the other, or more exclusive, all others are false. That is a hard thing to say or believe in this day of inclusiveness and diversity……yet all true followers of Jesus believe this and since we believe it, must tell others the “truth” in love as the consequences to the unbeliever are tragic and eternal.

Kevin Jones, Port Ludlow WA


December 3, 2017

Dear Port Ludlow Voice Editor,

I was sad to see that in the attempt to appease so many different religious beliefs, your December cover of the Port Ludlow Voice magazine completely missed the mark regarding  celebrating the entire reason for the Christmas/Holiday season. Hence the Christ in Christmas.

While so many other beliefs were posted on your cover, the one person that was missing was Jesus. Even baby Jesus.

It looked like there was a silhouette of Mary, the mother of Jesus, under the Christian cross symbol, but Christians do not worship or celebrate Mary. We celebrate Christ, the Savior of the World–for all who believe. God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten son that whoever believes in Him  should not perish but have everlasting life… (John 3:16-21*).

With so many different religious holidays being acknowledged throughout the year, Christmas is the one symbolic Christian day  that many people look forward to celebrating–along with the hope that comes with Christmas.

I was truly disappointed to see such an open minded magazine, the Port Ludlow Voice, omit the Christ of Christmas on its cover.

I would hope that in the future you would have either the courage or at least the courtesy to post such a controversial figure as a Baby in a manger. One who gave his life so that you and I may live with God forever.

Thank you for your consideration.

Merry Christmas ❤

Dawn Jones, Port Ludlow, WA


October 1, 2017
To the Editor:

As a life-long pet owner, I am thrilled to learn of a plan to create a dog park in Port Ludlow.  It is a splendid idea to have a safe, designated area for dogs to play, socialize, run, have fun, and, of course, poop.  A dog park with fences and gates, watering stations, shelter, …. a waste removal service – oh my – how exciting!

Our pets not only  give us great joy, happiness, and pleasure, but renew the bounce in our steps as we take them out for daily walks.  They are our babies and we love them.

In our community we are required to adhere to CC&R’s.  One states that homeowners must maintain  properties to be neat and attractive in appearance, and one specifically addresses the topic of pet waste.

Responsible and abiding  homeowners can be caught in a “catch 22″ situation:  as homeowners work to  keep their property neat it thus  becomes a “neat” area to be used as a potty nook – all mulched, inviting, and, of course,  easily accessible for a dump.

Although our dogs are extremely well-behaved, some pet owners should be reminded

that dog urine will kill your neighbors plants, shrubs, and flowers.  Using areas your neighbor must weed and maintain as a personal toilet for your pet, well, it’s just not very neighborly.  And what’s up with those little blue bags left behind?

Yes, the plan for a designated pet area will have my support.

It’s a win-win-win situation for our dogs, their owners, and fellow neighbors.

Diane Jerich-Domin, Port Ludlow, WA


May 9, 2017

To the Editor:

Hello everyone. It is with joy and appreciation that I let you all know of a cooperative arrangement arrived at recently with PLA for the cleanup and removal of downed and leaning trees and fire hazardous debris from the clearcut area behind the houses at the south end of Woodridge Drive in Port Ludlow. Several of the folks at PLA came, assessed, and corresponded until we worked out a plan. They have been most gracious and helpful.

As a newcomer to Port Ludlow, in the early months of 2016, I emailed many of you about the troublesome mess behind our home at 531 Woodridge Dr. Being a newcomer to Jefferson County, I had no idea where to begin for help, so I simply emailed any official name that was suggested to me! Thanks for your tolerance as I learned. Many people helped make this agreement happen. I appreciate each of you!

The work is to be done when the ground dries enough for machinery to get into the area…likely in early August.

Virginia Nixon


April 7, 2017

To the Editor: Peace and security are foundational to our enjoying “our special place”. I understand and appreciate your personal conflict in this matter. I (and probably others) don’t have a love – hate relationship with the Navy. I sail the sound and straits and hike our wonderful Park. I am excited and comforted by the Growlers overhead knowing the dedicated crews are doing their job on our behalf. As former Air Force maybe I am biased. There is no disconnect with the legislation for the Wild Olympics wilderness as long as there are men and women serving to protect our ability to enjoy it. I’ll take the noise with the beauty and not think twice about it. Thank you for editing the Voice.

Cordially, Paul Handel, Port Ludlow


March 28.2017

To the Editor:

Thank you for writing your March article for the Voice. It is refreshing and renewing to read your points- Direct, practical and inclusive. I hope you continue as a contributor to the Voice. I always read your column first thing every month.

Sincerely, Joan Owen (Port Ludlow)