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Managing Editor

Bomke, Kathie

Regularly Sched. Activities Editor

Force, Janet

South Bay Comm. Assoc. Editor

Syverson, Jay

Photo Editor

Blackburn, Maggie

Copy Editor & Proof Reader

Karp, Linda

News Editor

Rothenborg, Bev

Arts & Entertainment Editor

Van Buren, Eva

North Bay – Beach Club Editor


Schuch, Denny

Distribution Manager

Clawson-Schuch, Sarah

Website & Web Advertising Mgr

Portz, Jen

Website Mgr & Contributing Writer

Thomas, Cathy

Finance & Subscription Manager

Buck, Jo

Display Advertising Manager

Ronen, Mary

Production Manager

Blackburn, Bill

Classified Advertising Manager

Editorial Staff

Berthiaume, Barbara

Contributing Writer

Karp, Linda

Arts & Ent., News and Contributing Writer

McCullough, MJ

Contributing Writer

Taylor, Ken

Photographer and Contributing Writer

Small, Mary

Proof Reader